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It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since we opened our doors and set out to redefine what an agency can be.

Since then, the marketing landscape has grown only more complex, with digital reshaping the industry and driving exponential change in how we all do business.

Things are a lot different than they were back in the late ‘90s when we were founded and even in the early 21st century. There are no longer just a handful of strategies or channels at our disposal – today, the choices are endless.

This shift presents a myriad of opportunities, and complexity. Without the right strategy and measured approach, the chances of maximizing program success and return-on-investment are slim. You can’t take that risk.

That’s why we’re doubling down on what it means to embrace the future of marketing, changing our name from Burdette Ketchum to High Reason.

Now more than ever, it takes a rational approach to make emotional connections with consumers. That’s what we do.

Why High Reason? Arriving at the name was a hyper-focused effort and nearly year-long project. We treated ourselves as a client, spoke with many of our trusted relationships and assessed the competition and the needs of today’s marketers thoroughly.

Through that process, we captured our brand DNA and found that our current name didn’t quite articulate the value we deliver every day. For a branding company, that seemed unacceptable to us.

‘Creativity. Calculated.’ represents the rigor, analysis and focus on ROI that our clients have come to expect and appreciate from us over the years. This methodology sets us free to create – amid the added complexities in marketing today – with focused intention, followed by inspiration.

It’s not just about ‘the big idea.’ The equation has expanded to make creativity and an analytical approach vital in equal measure. And it’s not a 50-50% equation – it’s 100-100%.

While we’ve always prioritized a measured approach through data and a focus on ROI – now, at the onset of our next 25 years – our brand better reflects that approach, our unique value and what is important to clients today.

In short, today’s higher difficulty demands high reason.

As we move forward, expect the same responsiveness and commitment from the people you’ve always known. In fact, it’s another reason why we embarked on the rebrand. This is our team’s agency – not mine and Patrick Golden’s. Culturally, our brand needed to reflect the diversity of talent and perspectives that our entire team brings to work each day.

So as we continue to grow and evolve, know that we have a group of gifted practitioners who were deeply involved in this process and are passionate about delivering results, with high reason.

To all clients, friends, partners and others who have played a role in our growth and success: thank you for the continued trust you’ve placed in us. No matter what challenges or industry changes lie ahead, we’ll remain ahead of the curve to keep you ahead of the pack.

With sincere thanks,

Will Ketchum
President & CEO
High Reason

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