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As the new year gets underway, we’ve heard more than one client say that they hope 2024 is the year their employees choose to come into the office more regularly, even when they have the option to stay home. The stick doesn’t much work these days. So, what’s the carrot?

Every organization has a different philosophy and policy around WFH and hybrid work arrangements.

Still, a simple fact remains: a workplace should inspire.

Certainly, workplace inspiration must happen on a human level, but what about the physical environment? Your space is a sensory experience; a canvas to express why what you do matters to the world and to excite your people.

Our client CarlisleIT has always been ahead of the curve on this topic. CarlisleIT is a global designer and manufacturer of high-performance cable and interconnect solutions. It serves high stakes markets such as aerospace, military, space, industrial and medical.

With the interior of its St. Augustine, Florida headquarters already boldly branded, its Pottstown, Pennsylvania facility represented a special opportunity. It was this facility that developed critical components for Boeing’s Starliner, a spacecraft developed in collaboration with NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

On one Starliner mission, photos of the CarlisleIT team members who worked on the spacecraft’s connectors were sent to space. Our client knew that something had to be done with these space traveling photos! They challenged us to devise a display at the 92,000 square-foot Pottstown facility to recognize the project and build pride among Pottstown employees.

The High Reason creative team then developed a conceptual rendering for a three-dimensional replica and reception area display. The small-scale replica Starliner capsule would contain the actual photos that went to space:

A few months later, the installation was complete:


The reaction in Pottstown was what we hope you can experience with your people: the CarlisleIT employees felt pride in their efforts. It also meant a great deal to them to simply be recognized for such a monumental effort. They want to walk by that wall regularly and feel the satisfaction of their professional dedication and efforts.

The Starliner display area has also become a meet up spot for team gatherings. Each interaction builds camaraderie, enhances the in-office experience and improves overall job satisfaction. The display area is also powerful recruiting tool, highlighting the company’s 50+ year space legacy in a memorable way.

That’s the win-win that internal branding can create.

Let’s talk about how we can bring your brand and mission to life on your workplace walls.