It’s high season for high reason.

Technology has driven exponential change in how you do business and how you market. Your choices are endless and they’re complex. We go to work each day to sort out that complexity for our clients. Inspired by data and truths, we use a rational approach to create powerful emotional connections with your audiences.

our why

The puzzle now has more pieces. The degree of difficulty is higher.

Achieving success takes more than force, it takes reason.

Wider analysis. Deeper insights.

Applying learnings and resources more precisely.

Every recommendation has to answer, “why?”

Data, truths and experience guide us.


Then, reason sets us free to create.

High difficulty demands high reason.

And that’s why.


Guilty of high reason.

We were the kids who always asked, “why?” It wasn’t backtalk. Just raw curiosity. To our parents’ relief, the curiosity snowballed into solving. And that’s what we do every day.

will ketchum

president + ceo

Not only does he lead agency strategy and growth, Will is considered the "go-to-guy" for branding and marketing strategy. He puts his 30 years of experience toward helping companies discover and drive their brand DNAs. A trusted client counselor and brand strategist in one, Will is always inspiring the High Reason team to pursue fact-based truths and put them to work inventively. He's also very active in the North Florida community. Through his volunteerism and non-profit board service, he practically knows everyone. Just try going to lunch with him … he'll stop to greet at least three people on the way there or back.

anita carter

svp, creative services

Over the course of 20+ years in marketing and branding, Anita has done pretty much everything! By everything we mean leading the development of brands and strategies for technology start-ups and consumer products … to directing corporate marketing for an international spa skincare company … with account and operations roles in between.

A creative thinker with a passion for order and an eye on the big picture. Anita contributes her talents in various stages in the development of brilliant strategy, stories and designs for our clients. All while she keeps the projects flowing seamlessly to completion.

patrick golden

executive creative director

Every client has a compelling story, and Patrick will uncover it and bring it to life in a uniquely powerful way. He drives the creative strategy for all our client work with his talented team. Actually, he drives the creative for our surroundings too – our office design, décor and furnishings. One of the top creative minds in Florida, he is a founding member of the firm. He’s had several gallery showings of his original artwork; a few masterpieces are still available for purchase.

amy richardson

account director

Always working for her clients with a can-do attitude, and always working for her co-workers as the resident Office Bartender, Amy is a master of multitasking. She brings enthusiasm, organization and a passion for branding to every project, helping to bring all of the pieces together from major rebrands to weekly eNewsletters. Amy is also a terrific strategist, bringing a rare balance of project management and consultative skills to each client situation. When she’s not hanging out with our office cats, she’s perusing an arts or farmers market, or checking out a local wine tasting.

mark stevens

evp, chief growth officer

A native of Jacksonville with over 25 years of marketing experience, Mark is dedicated to providing world-class account leadership and management as well as managing agency operations and processes. A stickler for delivering marketing strategies and tactics that not only elate clients but provide an excellent return on investment, Mark brings his experience with Fortune 1000 companies and emerging enterprises to bear every day. As an expert digital marketer, he will also serve as the lead strategist on the agency's digital marketing and research offerings.

tyler holder

director of strategic communications

Offering significant experience in media and public relations, social media, and corporate, internal and crisis communications, what makes Tyler a unique fit to our team is his integrated and measured approach to strategy, creative thinking and problem solving. From managing global communications programs to navigating complex local issues, Tyler brings a distinct skill set that helps ensure our clients accomplish their objectives and achieve positive outcomes.

Away from the office, Tyler enjoys spending time with family, including spending time at the beach with his fiancé and two dogs, Riley and Brody. He’s an avid Jacksonville Jaguars fan – so much that he’ll venture to a couple away stadiums in his teal and black each year.

chad landenberger

senior art director

Enthusiasm, wit, and creativity. That’s just a taste of what Chad brings to the table. Across 15-plus years of experience in the creative industry, he has worked with start-ups, national brands and even a few Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees. With a focus on branding, illustration, and typography, Chad leverages his experiences to tell meaningful brand stories and produce outstanding creative work. In his free time, Chad spends time with his family attending gallery openings, musical events and traveling.

sydney gorak

social media/pr coordinator

Fueled by a passion for journalism, Sydney brings creativity and excitement to developing content to bring High Reason and client’s brand stories to life. Her passion to generate new ideas of visual and written content through blogs, social media, photography, and other print and digital materials, pairs nicely with our integrated team. When not focusing on our client’s branding efforts, you can find Sydney snapping photos or spending time on the beach.

haley yacavone

art director

If the phrase ‘I’ll figure it out’ was a person - it would be Haley. As a child, she routinely used anything she could find to climb her way to the top of the cabinet for a treat and with wit and determination at her disposal, she climbed her way into our ranks with poise. Haley uses the many skills she’s acquired over the years to capture the essence of our clients in new and exciting ways. When Haley isn’t knee-deep in learning a new program, you can find her throwing tennis balls for her dogs or playing poker with friends and family.

heather kingry

senior copywriter

A quiet, creative type, Heather prefers to soak in everything there is to know about a client before putting pen to paper. Throughout her 15-year career, Heather has written for everything from household names like Toyota and Neutrogena to a tiny mountain town in the Ozarks. A graduate of acclaimed advertising school, The Creative Circus, Heather can deflect non-funny clown jokes without skipping a beat. When she isn’t painting the ideal picture for clients with her words, you can find Heather recharging with live music and sunshine, or spoiling her rescue dog rotten.

leslie johnson

accounting + finance director

Don’t let Leslie’s cheery disposition fool you. When it comes to making sure our clients receive accurate and timely invoices, she’s strictly business. With more than 25 years of experience in accounting and finance, including tenure at a Big Four accounting firm, Leslie combines the drive to ensure total accuracy with lightning-quick responsiveness in the unlikely event that a question arises. When she isn’t making sure our books are impeccable, Leslie enjoys playing with her dog, dining out and spending time with her family.

renee summers

media director

Smart. Tough. Thoughtful. Yes, they can go together. Renee proves it everyday. Focused on breaking through to the target innovatively with maximum efficiency, Renee is a veteran media planner and buyer. She balances her two decades of experience with an insatiable curiosity about and mastery of digital media. Renee spent years with some of Charleston’s best agencies and is a graduate of the University of Georgia’s prestigious journalism and media program. When she’s not assessing campaign analytics or calculating delivery, Renee is passionate about her primary job, being a great mom.

sam preston

director of project management

Organized. Efficient. Relationship-oriented. Sam is well-versed and familiar with what it takes to create and execute an impactful brand. Throughout his career, Sam has worked on a full breadth of clients and industries ranging from sports and entertainment, automotive, healthcare, tech, education and even an NBA team. As a highly disciplined account leader with an attempt at creativity, Sam helps develop the strategies and messages to make that needle move. When he isn’t helping the team make cool things, you can find Sam with his family outdoors — where good things grow. (While a specialist with our affiliate company, North Star, Sam occasionally supports High Reason programs, as well.)

ed barlow

svp, strategic planning

Perfectionist. Right- and left-brained. If you want someone who will attack a project from every angle, that’s Ed. Every brand has a unique DNA to be found. For Ed, this missing piece is a riddle that must be solved. Applying his instincts, inquiring mind and creativity have led to successful branding initiatives from California to Florida and then some. With experience that’s hard to summarize, Ed has worked as an award-winning copywriter and a strategist with both client and agency perspective. As someone who has experienced life from taco stands around the country, and designs custom furniture, Ed brings an edge that’s all his own to every client challenge. (While a specialist with our affiliate company, North Star, Ed occasionally supports High Reason programs, as well.)

roberto muñoz

research + market insights director

A triple-threat of attention to detail, quick wit and boundless analytical skills, Roberto brings the Swiss-Army-knife versatility our clients have come to appreciate. Part writer, part marketer and researcher to the core, he doesn’t come up for air until he has the right words and numbers to vividly depict what makes a brand remarkable. When Roberto isn’t finding facts that add up to a better DNA fiber, he’s flexing his Trivia skills or taking in baseball games in Nashville and pilgrimages to Wrigley Field (where he keeps close tabs on his beloved Cubs’ RBIs). (While a specialist with our affiliate company, North Star, Roberto occasionally supports High Reason programs, as well.)

robin shattler

account coordinator

Enthusiastic about all-things-marketing, you can find Robin at the intersection of analytics and creativity. Her education and experience in graphic design, social media, research, and strategy gives Robin the tools and acumen she needs to wholly understand clients’ situations and help them communicate effectively. Her out-of-office routine consists of cooking a new meal, catching up on pop-culture trends, and cheering on her favorite college sports teams.


office cat, edina's sister


office cat, patsy's sister