Selling a solution to an undiagnosed problem.

Neurolens is one the emerging leaders in the vision care industry. They are the first and only prescription lenses that go beyond visual acuity to provide visual comfort for the nearly 65% of U.S. adults who complain of headaches, neck/shoulder pain and eyestrain as a result of increased use of digital devices, reading or other detail work. Patients don’t know what is driving these symptoms and therefore don’t know what solution to pursue. Neurolens has uncovered that often such symptoms are caused by misalignment of the eyes, so their marketing efforts are geared around creating understanding of the problem, and the breakthrough Neurolens solution that brings the eyes into alignment for more comfort. 

High Reason helped Neurolens reimagine their brand as they continued to evolve as an organization. We created new brand positioning that addressed both prospective patients and eye care professionals (ECPs) through our Brand DNA process, which led to a reimagining of their proposition, color palette, photography, messaging and brand standards. The evolved branding provided Neurolens a new foundation from which to add ECP accounts and drive consumer demand.

During this evolution High Reason also redesigned and reengineered the Neurolens website to make it easier to understand and navigate as well as update and administer. Part of this process included the development of a digital test that prospective patients can take to determine if they are a candidate for Neurolenses. To date over 15,000 tests have been taken, which has led to significant increases in client visits to ECP offices. High Reason also built the underlying technology that supports their digital marketing efforts.

neurolens logo
new practices added
in 12-month period
digital tests delivered to
prospective patients


  • Brand DNA, Positioning & Strategy
  • Brand Voice, Identity & Standards
  • Patient Advertising
  • Marketing Collateral
  •  Sales Aids
  • Website Design & Development

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