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Today more than ever content is king. Whether it’s videos, podcasts or blogs the rate at which people consume content today has grown exponentially and as marketers we have to work very hard to keep up. If we’re not regularly providing new and exciting content our consumers will go other places to get their needs met…and possibly never come back. 

Despite the challenges this presents to marketing teams, there are four main things you have to do to stay on top of your content marketing:

  1. Have a plan – the worst position you can be in is having to create content the day or week it’s due. Short siding yourself will limit the depth of thought and the ultimate output that could separate your content from a very crowded pack. Set a schedule (at least two months out) and editorial calendar from which your team can work.  It can move and shift as new things happen and events unfold, but without a plan there is no structure and you end up pressured and reactive.
  2. Have an opinion – no one wants to read, view or listen to content that doesn’t have a unique take or perspective. It doesn’t have to be divisive but make sure your thoughts and opinions on what is happening in your corner of the world are out there. A blend of authority and authenticity goes a long way in helping your brand differentiate itself and lets your content marketing create stickiness and engagement. That kind of “inside baseball” content will truly foster deeper connections.
  3. Have multiple outlets – in order to get your content to as many people as possible, it has to be distributed across several different outlets. You can’t just rely solely on your blog, social media or your website in isolation to get your content out. Not everyone engages with your company in the same way so make sure that your content hits all your channels. It’s also important to create relationships with larger portals that can increase the number of consumers and widen your outreach. Don’t forget about SEO either – create content in terms that search engines can understand so those users looking for content can find you easily and efficiently.
  4. Have a measurement model – marketers will need to know what their highest points of engagement are with their content marketing in order to create more of what their consumers want. Plus it’s not only about the what – sometimes it’s about the how.  Is your video content performing much better than your blog  Does your audience use podcasts more than social? Using metrics to see where you need to meet your audience will allow you to maximize your content budget and drive the kind of content they respond to the most.

Content marketing will continue to be an important strategy to master as you are looking to build your brand, cement your authority and position your company as an expert in its field. Being deliberate in your plans, opinions, distribution and measurement will set your content marketing strategies up for success.

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